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Gandharva Musics – Gandharva Musics Academy
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About Gandharva Musics

Gandharva Music Academy is the journey started 40 years back which leads to a remarkable recognization in the field of Music. We are mainly focused & renowned for Indian Classical Music Teaching. We are offering Indian Classical Music complete courses for 8 Years for a long duration, In a short duration for the 6 Months & 3 Months.

“We are highly recommended for classical Music learning. We have our own recording studio where we do recordings of our official projects.”

Gandharva Music Academy is pretty old in Nagpur’s Music Industry with fourty years of Experience. We are here for all your music related solutions. We have highly talented Music Trainers to teach you the depth of knowledge in the Music arena. If you are a music loving person then Gandharva Musics Academy will be a soulful experience for you. Learn the music from very ground zero level to professional level.

We Specialize in

Music Academy

We have highly talented Music Trainers to teach you the depth of knowledge in Music arena.

Indian Classical Music

We have a different courses in Indian Classical Music with duration of 8 Years, 6 Months & 3 Months.

Light Music

We also teaches Swaras, Bollywood Songs, Marathi Bhavgit, Rhythm Singing.


We are here for all your music related solutions.
Gandharva Recordings is a all in one solution for your Recordings. you can create your own song, record on karaoke, cover song and much more..


We are in Music Production as well. We have all set up & facilities to record produce the music.


You have your events and we have our team.
For all your events such as Birthday Party, Marriage Shows, Hall Concerts, Official/Corporate Events, we are having best team to double your celebration.

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects.

1. Composing

2. Arranging

3. Editing

4. Vocal's Recording

5. Mastering

6. Music Production

Academy [For Online Classes]

We offer 4 main courses

1) Basic Course

Indian classical: Duration 8 Years
3 month’s course: Basic Alankars, 1 Rag, 1 Song, National Anthem.
6 month’s course: Basic Alankars, 2 Rag, 2 Song, National Anthem.

2) Light Music

Learn to sing Swaras.
Learn to sing Bollywood Song.
Learn to sing Marathi Bhavgeet.
Learn to sing correct lyrics with correct pronounce.
Learn to sing in Rhythm.

3) Courses For Kids

Courses for kids learn from age 4 to 7 learn to sing Balgeet.

4) Vocal Exercise

Vocal Exercise I

Duration 1 Month, learn basic exercise of voice and Alankars to open up your voice.

Vocal Exercise II

Learn Swaras in swar and Alankars.
Learn Breathing.
Improve your swara length.
Increase your tempo.

Note: We also takes all the above courses for offline also.

Recording Solutions

1) Record your own songs.

create your own album with professional artists and singers.

2) Record in karaoke

Record your vocals in already developed track in minimum charges.

3) Record a cover song

Make a track of guitar or piano accompany with pad’s [chords] and sing in your own voice.


We are the one who makes your event more happier. contact us if you need.

Sugam sangeet group
Rock band
Sound in event

Or any individual instrument player such as

Key Boardist, Guitarist ,
Tablaist, Dholak Player,
Flutist, Violinist,
Harmoniumist Singers, Anchors etc.

Would you love to learn music from online classes?

Yes…of course…we are serving online also!

Click here to fill the details of you & we will get back to you.

Meet the Team

The team of Excellent artists including a renowned Violin artist, Keyboardists, Singers with a great experience of 40 years old. We are highly recommended for classical musics. Running the music academy in the Central India (Nagpur) at the three Places. We also serves for the events & shows in any format in domestic or corporate shows.

Get in Touch

Feel free to drop us a line to contact us

  • Main Branch: 305, Shreeniwas Appartment, Walker Road, Mukundaraj lane, Bdkas Square, Mahal, Nagpur

  • Branch 1: Ground Floor, Vishnu Prasad Appartment, Beside Shankar Statue 51 feet, Behind Nandanvan Police Station, Jagnade Square, Nandanvan, Nagpur

  • Branch 2: L27, VHB Colony, Opposite Durga Mata Mandir, ShantiNagar, Nagpur


  • +91-8390-984-242 | +91-8459-192-715 | +91-9423-408-355